At Amaya Lake, we strive to make each and every guest’s experience a  memorable one. Unfortunately, our property isn’t wheelchair accessible, however, we strive to assist our differently abled patrons in the best way possible by going above and beyond to accommodate whatever need arises.

In efforts to make your visit to our property an effortlessly convenient one, at Amaya Lake, Dambulla we offer chauffeurs accommodation on a complimentary basis.


Our chefs also prepare meals for chauffeurs at an affordable rate. When placing your booking, if you would require chauffeur accommodation, do mention it to our reservations team and we will take care of the rest.


We recommend reserving your chauffeur’s accommodation prior to your visit.

Taking into consideration your health and safety we do not recommend that guests go swimming in the Kandalama Lake.


Our property Amaya Lake has its own large pool which is perfect if you’re looking to take a dip. If you wish to experience the Kandalama Lake, we can most certainly arrange a barge or boat ride.

If you’re looking for places to travel to as a group, look no further than Amaya Lake. Our property has 4 interconnecting rooms available which are perfect for those who enjoy intimate family gatherings.


Our property has many family oriented activities on offer as well. Do not hesitate to talk to us about how we can make your holiday with your family or friends all the more special.

Owing to regulations and health and safety practices implemented within the hotel, unfortunately, we cannot allow pets within the premises of the resorts.