Treatment Rates

Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back Treatment

This relaxing massage therapy focuses on key stress areas of the upper body and helps promote an inner tranquillity and a sense of relief.

  • 45 minutesLKR 7,600

Focusing on essential energy areas in your hands, arms and wrists, this soothing massage relieves tension as well as migraines and insomnia.

  • 30 minutesLKR 6,000

Concentrating on the lower body, this massage addresses the nervous system and helps relieve rheumatic issues, sciatica and spinal cord injuries.

  • 30 minutesLKR 6,000

The stress accumulating areas of the body are stimulated in this invigorating massage which also boosts the immune system and releases tension.

  • 30 minutesLKR 6,000