Our spa therapists will use a range of invigorating therapies that aim to heal your body and mind. From reflexology to ancient ayurvedic practices such as Shirodhara, native to Sri Lanka. A Dambulla Ayurveda spa hotel such as ours offer a wealth of signature treatments.


Stimulating pressure points in the hands and feet to treat ailments and reduce pain in specific areas of the body, reflexology relieves and relaxes.

  • 60 minutesLKR 8,700

Avagaha Sweda bath is ideal for cleansing the skin and the medicinal water used in this treatment addresses a variety of skin issues.

  • 20 minutesLKR 5,500

With benefits to balance your emotional and physical well-being Shirodhara therapies include a relaxing massage technique using warm herbal oils.

  • 90 minutesLKR 14,600

As a soothing steam treatment, this therapeutic ritual involves an oil infused massage to detoxify and cleanse the body.

  • 30 minutesLKR 5,500

Linen bags containing herbs are dipped in healing oils before applying pressure to various body parts in this rejuvenating massage experience.

  • 30 minutesLKR 6,500