Specially designed to provide holistic healing with a variety of therapies, our Ayurveda spa treatments in Dambulla are tailor made for vacationers in search of a relaxing spa day. With herbal steam baths, massages and facials on offer, explore our all-inclusive packages during your holiday at Amaya Lake.

Herbal oil whole body treatment, Facial massage, Facial steam, Herbal steam & Herbal bath

With rejuvenation and revitalization as its core benefits, this therapy session pampers the senses with fragrant oils, massages and steam baths.

  • 120 minutesLKR 14,600

Enjoy a herbal bath in the hollow of a tree trunk and immerse yourself in this holistic spa treatment which relieves muscle pain and reduces stress.

  • 120 minutesLKR 14,600

Promoting an inner sense of balance and tranquillity, this luxurious therapy session includes a full body massage and a refreshing facial.

  • 90 minutesLKR 10,950