The Minneriya National Park is an ideal place for those who love nature and wildlife. The park used to be a wildlife sanctuary before it was declared as a national park. Minneriya National Park is easily one of the most breathtakingly beautiful parks in the country. It is home to hundreds of species of animals, ranging from birds to mammals. Many species that are endemic to Sri Lanka can be spotted inside the park. You can observe all kinds of animals in their natural habitat at Minneriya National Park. The park is considered an Important Bird Area. Minneriya is also the home to the Minneriya Tank built by King Mahasen in 3,000 AD, adding a great cultural value to the park.

Perhaps the most exciting and popular aspect of Minneriya is the elephant gathering. Hundreds of elephants migrate from surrounding areas to the park looking for the watering holes during the dry season. If you visit the park during this season, the chances of spotting a herd of wild animals is very high. It is an experience unlike any other which shouldn’t be missed. The plus side of all this is that you get to see these animals without them being held captive nor harmed in any way.

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