Sigiriya Rock Fortress is in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle. This magnificent fortress was built by King Kashyapa on top of the Sigiriya Rock. The ancient king made this rock fortress his royal dwelling and he made sure to install security measures and traps against invaders as he lived in fear of getting dethroned by his brother, Mugalan, who happened to be the rightful heir.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress is popular for its amazing architecture and the skill and genius that went into building it. As it was the residence of the king, there are many entertainment units as well. The Sigiriya Maidens paintings are widely talked about and praised. It is believed that the massive mural once must have held paintings of around 500 maidens, although only twenty one paintings have survived to this day. The maidens are painted from the waist up with naked torsos. The torsos meet paintings of clouds, giving way to speculation that these paintings are of goddesses. However, some believe that these maidens were King Kashyapa’s ladies.

The Mirror Wall is another highlight when you’re visiting the fortress. The wall is said to be polished so smoothly and thoroughly back in the day, so that the king could examine his reflection, hence the name Mirror Wall. In the present day, the wall is filled with poems and inscriptions by visitors. However, inscribing is not allowed currently so as to be able to preserve it.

The climb up the Sigiriya Rock is filled with excitement and breathtaking views surrounding you on your way. You will get to witness water gardens with bathing pools and tanks. The gardens are simply mesmerizing and is among the oldest landscaped gardens in the world. Once you get to the summit, be cautious as the winds can be pretty strong. The views from the top are simply spectacular and makes the whole climb even more worthwhile.