Things to do include activities such as bird watching, enjoying a game of tennis as well as having your future foretold through palm reading.


Bird watching

Sri Lanka is a bird watcher’s paradise. Gaze at the rich riot of colour the winged beings of the celestial skies create as they hop about and fly around the green trees.


Palm reading

Listen in amazement as your future is foretold, as a palm-reader gazes at intricate patterns on your palms. Once you find out what’s lies in store for you, rediscover the passion to pursue your cherished dreams!



The hauntingly beautiful notes that our flute player creates will sooth your innermost being as you watch stars appearing in the evening skies. Listen as he plays tunes your soul would dance to and sink into blissful relaxation.


Leisure activities

Enjoy everything that we have to offer to your heart’s content. The best of nature is yours to explore here at Amaya Lake. Jogging, cycling or simply relaxing under the shade of old trees are all wonderful possibilities here.


Unforgettable events

The full glory of mesmerizing traditions of Sri Lanka is to be witnessed here at Amaya Lake. Gaze at the rhythmic movements of our traditional dancers as they usher in the peaceful night and create picturesque memories of a lifetime.



The well maintained tennis court of Amaya Lake provides endless hours of pure satisfaction (and of course, very good exercise!) to those who love a good game of tennis.