Colorful and tropical birds visit the island at different times of the year making Sri Lanka a bird watchers’ paradise. Kandalama in the North Central province is regarded as the best place for bird-watching in Sri Lanka. Gaze at the rich riot of colours, the winged beings of the celestial skies create as they hop about and fly around in the magnificent greenery surrounding Kandalama Lake.

Bird watching is a popular recreational activity and can be done with the naked eye. If you prefer, you can use binoculars and telescopes as well. Most may think that bird watching is all about having a good eye to be able to spot birds, but that’s not all it! Most birds are, in fact, spotted by listening to the sound of their cries. Professional birdwatchers say that more than the eye, the ear is used to spot bird species. If you can recognize a bird by the sound of their cry, bird watching can be an even more fun activity.

Either way, bird watching is a great way to explore nature and see species of birds that you will not see in the city in your everyday lives. Walking through the grounds with a pair of binoculars hanging from your neck will make you feel as if you are truly on an adventure!

*A bird watching session will only cost LKR 1,000 per person.