All kinds of entertainment awaits you at Amaya Lake Dambulla! Step into the beautiful resort and spend a holiday filled with happiness all around.

Music makes you feel relaxed and at peace. The enchantingly beautiful notes that our flute player creates will sooth your inner-most being as you watch stars appearing in the evening skies. Listen to hauntingly beautiful notes and sink into blissful relaxation. The world starts to stand still at Amaya Lake as our flute player creates beautiful notes that will bliss your very soul.

Spend a lazy afternoon in the comfort of your villa. Turn on the TV and tune into one of the many cable channels we offer and get lost in the world of movies, music and TV shows. Allow yourself to travel to a different universe as you go on adventure after adventure virtually. Live in a story that will resonate close to your heart and make you have thoughts you’ve never had. The world of cinema is just within your reach at Amaya Lake.

Enjoy the mesmerizing tunes of live Sri Lankan music while you have dinner with your loved ones at the Samara Restaurant. Our musicians are always there to entertain you and keep you company as you enjoy the exquisite culinary of our amazing chefs. Let the mesmerizing tunes pass by you, act as the background music to all your tales as you make new memories.

Witness cultural dancing by the poolside and experience the unique Sri Lankan touch at Amaya Lake. It is truly a sight to behold with dancers moving to the rhythm of the traditional drums. Watch as they move with a fluidity and precision you wouldn’t expect, take in the colourful costumes that hold so much meaning to the Sri Lankan culture.