Indulge in a dining experience uniquely crafted just for you. The Signature Dining option at Amaya Signature offers an unlimited plethora of locations and places to eat in Dambulla. Be it under the stars on our magnificent, forested garden; in the shadow of a great, silver-barked tree by the edge of the lake or on the Kandalama Lake itself, floating on a barge boat above its glimmering surface as the sun sets behind tall mountains, or even perhaps in a secluded corner of the most intimate spots in Kandalama. From romantic, candle-lit dinners for two to comfortable outdoor family gatherings, Signature Dining ensures that you get a bespoke dining experience just for you. Choose from an endless list of unique locations throughout our vast property for the most ideal place for you and your loved ones. Serving selected gourmet meals, with customized menus available, Signature Dining satisfies not just your appetite but is a feast for the senses. Simply pick what, where, when, and we’ll make it happen!

Opening Hours

  • On Request

Special comments

Private dining under a star-studded sky or overlooking the lake


Global cuisine

Quick References

  • LocationPoolside, garden, lakeside, barbecue terrace
  • Seating TypeOutdoor
  • AttireCasual resort attire, footwear required