Sometimes good things come in small packages. Hurulu Eco Park is one of Sri Lanka’s smallest animal sanctuaries, yet offers a wilder side of safari experience. The park has a huge charm just with scenery alone.

Located in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, Habarana is a place where guests could explore the glorious past of Sri Lanka and the area is also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Just outside of Habarana lies the Hurulu Eco Park.

With a jungle corridor connecting the Hurulu Eco Park and the two other larger national parks, Minneriya and Kaudulla, herds of elephants are absolutely free to move between the three places. The fact that it is the transit point to hundreds of Asian elephants and other wildlife, makes your chance of seeing a large gathering of elephants during your safari high.From your jeep you can observe the beautiful majestic elephants very closely. Unless you panic and startle them by making loud noises, they will leave you alone even if you get very close to them.

The Hurulu Forest is an Eco park with a variety of living beings, not limited to elephants. Visitors will also have the chance of seeing other endemic animals like the Sri Lankan leopard and jungle fowl. It is also a paradise for bird watching.

Those who love stillness and peace will be delighted to be in this calm place. Progressing further into the wild, you can take absolutely wonderful photographs of the amazing scenery while absorbing the beauty of the tropical environment.