Sri Lanka as you always imagined it, is a land considered as one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth for witnessing the life of a variety of magnificent animals. Kaudulla National Park, 6,900 hectares in extent, is one of the newest National Parks in Sri Lanka, declared as such in 2002. The park is connected to three other national parks as it borders Minneriya, Wasgamuwa and Somawathiya National Parks. The lush vegetation, including flowering trees, adds greatly to the beauty of the park. The sanctuary serves as an elephant corridor for migrating elephants from other three bordering parks.

The park mainly consists of forests and grasslands. The reservoir in the park is an important meeting place for hundreds of species of wildlife which popularly includes hundreds of elephants who come for water at the reservoir. Not only elephants, but deer, monkeys, wild boars, bears and leopards will dot the horizon presenting a beautiful spectacle.

Kaudulla National Park is recognized as an important bird area, where 160 species of birds have been identified. A highlight of the Kaudulla safari is the breathtaking scene of hundreds of pelicans settling at sunset. This is a spectacle which drives the photographers wild. You may also opt for a change with paddle-boat ride on the lake, getting an excellent opportunity to enjoy bird watching.

Kaudulla National Park may not the largest national park to be found in the country, but it is one of the most spectacular and diverse among National Parks in Sri Lanka.