Sri Lanka is a land of pure adventure. Spotting herds of majestic giant elephants on the shimmering mirages of the valleys of Wasgamuwa is sure to provoke a feeling of sheer excitement. A destinations that is well known for wildlife adventures, the park offer visitors unique and unforgettable experiences and is a haven for many species of flora and fauna.

Tag on incredible encounters with herds of elephants moving majestically along the valleys. A safari through the Wasgamuwa National Park is one the most exciting things that you would experience. See a variety of wildlife and birds among beautiful landscapes which would give wonderful photographic opportunities, allowing you take unforgettable memories back home.

Located in the districts of Matale and Polonnaruwa and bordered by the rivers ‘Mahaweli’ and ‘Amban’, Wasgamuwa National Park stretches over 36,948 hectares. The park is home to lavish wildlife. There are 23 species of mammals and 140 species of birds in Wasgamuwa. The monkeys found in the park are endemic to Sri Lanka. Herds of water buffaloes and Sri Lankan deer are also seen there. The density of bears in Wasgamuwa is said to be higher than in any other area in the country.

The park is bordered by two large rivers ‘Mahaveli’ and ‘Kalu’ along with ‘Muthiyangana oya’ and ‘Amban’ river, and ‘Sudu Kanda’ mountain range, which enormously enhances the beauty of the park with its flowing little streams.

You can have an intimate experience with nature and wild life by camping in the national Park.