Located in the heart of Dambulla, things to do at Amaya Signature are never scarce. Step into a kaleidoscope world of vibrant culture and enthralling history. Visit ancient kingdoms, observe tropical birds, or enjoy a quiet stroll around the Kandalama Lake.

Indulge in an evening of delicious cocktails while the sun sets behind looming, green giants and a local flautist, sat in a quaint tree-house, plays soothing melodies that add to the chorus of rustling leaves and birdsong.

Boat Rides
Savour the natural, majestic beauty of the Kandalama Lake as the local oruwa glides along it’s mesmerising waters.

Bird Watching
Traverse the forested grounds to observe rare, tropical birds. We uphold our status as one of the few bird-friendly luxury boutique hotels on the island, by providing you with a rare opportunity to get better acquainted with these feathered friends.

Find spiritual rejuvenation and delve into the foundations of meditation on the banks of Kandalama Lake. Continue your exploration of the remedial art of yoga or let our experienced instructors introduce you and gently guide you through it.

Unforgettable Events
Throw the soireé of the century, complete with traditional fire dances under starlight and the lively rhythm of Sri Lankan music echoing into the night. Or, perhaps a small, intimate event by our romantic poolside.

Leisure Activities
Enjoy a host of activities at your leisure. Cycle around our grounds, watch the sun retire over the glimmering lake, listen to the melody of birds as you jog along shaded pathways and take part in a few adrenaline-pumping sports.

Palm Reading
Let our experienced and professional palm reader unravel the secrets of your future hidden in the lines of your palm.

Adventure awaits you in every corner. Take flight with us on thrilling expeditions up gusty mountains, lush forests and resplendent lakes or perhaps a bullock cart ride into a traditional village, frozen in time.

Cultural Tours
Embark on a cultural quest with us. See bygone kingdoms, vibrant traditions and sacred places that vibrate with mystic energy. Immerse yourself in the island’s enthralling history, whose immortal song still holds a significant place in the people’s heart.

Aerial Rope Gliding
Get your heart dancing to the beat of adrenaline as you try your hand at rope gliding.