The full moon poya days in Sri Lanka are sacred and religious holidays to Buddhists in the country. Because of its religious significance, the serving / sale of alcohol is not allowed as per government regulations. Owing to this, we cannot serve alcohol on full moon poya days within our properties.

If you’re looking for places to travel to as a group, look no further than Amaya Beach, Pasikudah. Our property has 3 rooms that can accommodate 3 adults and 2 children. However, all our rooms are quite spacious and can accommodate an extra bed in each room.


Our property has many family oriented activities on offer as well. Do not hesitate to talk to us about how we can make your holiday with your family or friends all the more special.

Pasikudah is situated along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka and therefore it takes a while to reach the resorts if you are traveling via land. Taking this into consideration we recommend that your stay be a minimum of 3 nights in order to experience all that the city and it’s beaches have to offer.


You can also talk to us about visiting our sister property Amaya Lake, Dambulla which is a mere 2 – 2 ½ hour drive away. Speak to our reservations team via for more information.

In efforts to make your visit to our property an effortlessly convenient one, at Amaya Beach, Pasikudah we offer your chauffeurs’ accommodation on a complimentary basis.


Our chefs also prepare meals for chauffeurs at no extra cost to your stay. When placing your booking, if you would require chauffeur accommodation, do mention it to our reservations team and we will take care of the rest.


We recommend reserving your chauffeur’s accommodation prior to your visit.

There are many ways that you can reach our breathtaking seaside destination. You can either come to Pasikudah via land, using a private vehicle or, if requested from our team, a vehicle to and from the property can be arranged.


There are also private entities that offer transfers via domestic flights at varying costs. Speak to our reservations team and we can assist you in getting in touch with these domestic air travel providers in order to facilitate your flight to the resort.