Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom cultivated by the sages of India. It has made its way to becoming an ancient, yet very effective health care technique. Ayurvedic treatments cleanse the body, boost defense against disease, and keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance. Steeped in tradition and well-honed practices, our selected Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka, range from beauty remedies to rejuvenating massages and ancient cleansing rituals. Available at Amaya Beach spa, each treatment is designed to promote health and vitality ideal for all.

Marma Abyanga Massage

Stimulating key energy points this invigorating massage employs Ayurvedic oils with medicinal values to reduce fatigue, physical and mental stress.

  • 60 / 90 minutes LKR 6,500 / 8,500

A plethora of herbal oils are trickled onto your ‘third eye’ (forehead) to calm the senses while also promoting mental clarity and deep relaxation.

  • 60 minutes LKR 6,500

Cleansing the body of dead skin cells to promote better circulation, herbal powder infused with milk and medicinal oils are used for this treatment.

  • 45 minutes LKR 5,500

Addressing skin issues including dry, sunburnt or damaged skin, a special herbal paste is applied all over the body for this soothing body wrap.

  • 45 minutes LKR 5,500