Maduru Oya National Park is a lesser-known but breathtaking nature reserve located in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, and a premier sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife. It is one of the four national parks falling under the purview of the Mahaweli River Development Project, and acts as a catchment of the Maduru Oya Reservoir. It also provides protection for the immediate catchments of five reservoirs in total.

Well-known for its vast collection of species of ountless mammals, reptiles and birds, Maduru Oya is a famous location for wild elephant sightings. Attracting animal lovers in droves, visitors to Maduru Oya National Park are left in wonder at the diversity of the flora and fauna. Elephants, leopards, sloth bears, deer, monkeys, jungle fowl, wild buffalo, the grey slender loris and over 100 species of birds roam free through the National Park. It is an ideal place to spot some of Sri Lanka’s endemic wildlife species. Do not miss a drop-in at the museum near the park entrance. Historical and cutural significance prevails at Maduru Oya National Park, with ancient ruins of Buddhist shrines, temples etc. dating from different periods in Sri Lankan history.

Another interesting feature of Maduru Oya National park is the community of Vedda people (Sri Lanka’s indigenous ethnic group) living just within the park boundary.

Built around an impressive reservoir, a trip to this captivating part of the island is an option available to those who stay with Amaya Beach. If you are lucky you just might come across a herd of elephants having a dip in the lagoon.