Holidays enormously strengthen family bonds and connection. When spending your holiday at a resort, be it with your family or friends, you have the chance to spend relaxing time with them being totally free of everyday concerns. Engage in the on-site activities at Amaya Beach Passikudah to keep your mind and body busy as you have loads of fun with your loved ones. Whether it’s enjoying a game of badminton or taking part in aqua aerobics, there’s plenty to do and experience within your luxury resort base.


Indoor Play Room

Endless new experiences are at hand during a holiday, such as playing a game with a total stranger. For fun and active holidays, we offer an abundance of exciting activities. If you are not a big fan of being out in the sun, some indoor games are perfect for you. Get your friends or make new ones with fellow travelers by playing any of the below indoor games:

• Table Tennis – Have a little friendly competition with your friends or another guest at the resort. Table tennis is perfect to get your blood pumped up.

• Chess – Stimulate your brain with a game of chess. Use your tact to win against your opponent and bask in the satisfaction afterwards.

• Carom – A game of carom is always a highlight when you get together with your friends or family. If not on holiday, when else is the perfect time for a friendly match?


Outdoor Activities

Drag your loved ones and go out into the sun where many activities await you. Break a sweat and enjoy the rush of adrenaline. Explore the countless outdoor activities available on-site such as:

• Badminton – Divide into teams and play a game of badminton. Be careful not to let the wind blow away your shuttlecock.

• Water Volleyball – Get into the pool to enjoy a game of water volleyball. Winning is least important when you can have fun with your loved ones.

• Water Polo – Lounging around in the pool is fun. Playing a game of water polo will double the fun.

• Beach Volleyball – A game on the sand is a great way to spend your time with your loved ones. Don’t let the ball hit the ground!

• Cricket (softball) – Something Sri Lankans love to do when holidaying is playing a game of cricket. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match. Gather together who you have and play a friendly match with a softball. Even your little kids can take part in the match by fielding.

• Bocce – Get into two teams and play a friendly match of bocce. Try your best to get your bocce ball near the jack. This game is sure to be filled with fun and laughter.

• Croquet – A game of croquet is a fun way to spend your leisure time. You can do it with your family, or if you are a couple, this can be a friendly little competition.

• Aqua Aerobics – Our swimming pool is free for you to use. Impress your loved ones with your aqua aerobics skills. You can even teach them to try and do some tricks on their own.

• Darts – Darts is always a fun and relaxing game to play, especially in the evenings. Hit the darts as close as possible to the center and make sure not to throw them astray.

Bike Rental

For a delightful change of pace, explore your surroundings to catch a glimpse of daily life of the locals. Rent a bicycle from our on-site rental and ride around the resort and along the beach at your convenience. Let the cool breeze run through your hair and feel your stress simply melt away.

  • Bicycle Rental charge – Rs.250 per hour (from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)