Adventure enthusiasts will find that Amaya Beach offers a wide range of water sports in Pasikudah. Embark on a deep sea fishing excursion, jet through the ocean on a jet ski, explore the wonders of the underwater world by scuba diving or try thrilling activities such as windsurfing or water-skiing.



Venture beneath the waves to explore the underwater coral gardens off the coast of Pasikudah on a scuba diving adventure. Interact with colourful fish species and marvel at the diversity of marine life in the Indian Ocean.


Those who wish to explore submerged landscapes can also sign up for a snorkelling excursion. Requiring little to no experience, this easy to learn activity is ideal for marine life enthusiasts.

Water Skiing

Get your dose of adrenaline as you skim the ocean surface while water skiing around Pasikudah’s pristine coastline. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, water-skiing is a thrilling activity.

Jet Scooter

Often called the motorcycle of the ocean, the thrill of enjoying a ride on these speed machines is truly unforgettable. This ride on the wild side is perfect for adventurists and fans of high-speed activities.


A shallow coastline bordering Pasikudah bay creates the ideal setting for windsurfing. With the wind as your best friend, put your skills to the test in these perfect conditions and enjoy an exciting adventure.


Allowing you to discover the natural wonders of Pasikudah at your own pace, there’s nothing quite like a canoeing tour of the coast to immerse yourself in stunning views. Discover local birdlife and experience a memorable excursion at the same time.

Banana Boat Rides

Set out with loved ones on an inflated banana shaped boat and enjoy a bouncy ride as it whizzes through the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. This activity is perfect for friends and families vacationing together.

Deep Sea Fishing

Angling enthusiasts will find the waters off the coast of Pasikudah a veritable haven for their chosen water-based activity. Official fishing season in the region is from December to May, so get your tackle ready.

Tube Boat Rides / Knee Boat Rides

As one of the most popular activities among couples and teens based at our resort, the towable boats are perfect for a morning or afternoon ride with loved ones.

Sailing – Hobby Cat

With the wind in your hair and the refreshing ocean spray on your face, sailing enthusiasts can sail through the glistening waters of the ocean on our boats.

Speed Boat Rides

Hop aboard a speedboat and jet through the sparkling blue waters when you stay at Amaya Beach. Enjoy a thrilling, high-speed adventure!