Therapeutic Spa in Kandy!

Discover the incredible healing powers of traditional Ayurveda treatments as you lose yourself in surreal tranquillity.


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  • Herbal oil head treatment30 min30 USD
  • Neck, shoulder, back massage30 min30 USD
  • Head, neck, shoulder back massage40 min40 USD
  • Lower limb massage30 min30 USD
  • Foot massage & foot bath30min35 USD
  • Reflexology1 hour45 USD
  • Face massage & facial steam30 min30 USD
  • Face massage, facial steam & herbal facial pack treatment1 hour45 USD
  • Sambahana (herbal oil body massage treatment & herbal bath)1 hour48 USD
  • Herbal oil body treatment (oil body massage, herbal steam, herbal bath)1 1/2 hour58 USD
  • Full body massage & pinda sveda1 hour60 USD
  • Back and lower limb massage with pinda sveda30 min50 USD
  • Avagaha Sveda (herbal bath)20 min28 USD
  • Vashpa Sveda (herbal oil application & steam treatment)30 min30 USD
  • Shirodhara1 hour 20 min75 USD
  • Nawarakishi & Avagaha sveda 1 hour 20 min90 USD
  • Full body udvarthana treatment (full body scrubbing ,steam bath & herbal bath) 1 hour60 USD
  • Sarvangadhara1 hour75 USD
Ayurveda Full body package

Herbal oil body treatment face massage | facial steam steam bath | herbal bath

  • 1hr 45min75 USD

Sambahana & face massage facial steam herbal facial pack

  • 1 hr 45min75 USD

Call Now on +94 76 629 0314 or Email Now on