Revive your mind, body and soul with an array of luxurious signature body treatments and enjoy a restorative experience during your holiday. Recognized as an Ayurvedic spa in Kandy Sri Lanka, we use traditional healing methods mixed with special herbal oils to offer you complete healing.


  • Sambahana
  • Herbal Oil Body Treatment
  • Full Body Massage and Pinda Sveda
  • Full Body Udvarthana Treatment

Sambahana involves a complete body massage using selected Ayurveda oils followed by a herbal bath. It’s ideal for fatigue and muscle aches.

  • One hourUSD 48

Herbal oil body treatment includes a complete body massage using selected ayurvedic medicinal oils, a purifying herbal steam and herbal bath.

  • 1 hour 30 minutesUSD 58

This is an invigorating body massage and a full body fomentation treatment with medicated herbal sacs made of herbal leaves and seeds.

  • 1 hourUSD 60

This treatment includes a body scrub using herbal powders, herbal steam and herbal bath. It reduces excessive fat and helps make your skin glow.

  • 1 hourUSD 60