In Sri Lanka, a Kandy hotel with a garden as beautiful as ours provides you with an endless list of adventures, from quiet strolls to bird watching expeditions. Be charmed by the predictions that our palm reader makes as he studies every line on your hand or dance the night away at our nightclub.

Unforgettable events

Our dedicated and expert staff will assist you in planning all your special events, parties and gatherings. We will help you organize a stress-free event to perfection at the beautiful Amaya Hills, Kandy.

Bird watching

Trek through the winding paths of the world-renowned Hanthana mountain range and discover a whole new world of colour. Witness the unmatched charm of the birds of Sri Lanka in their natural habitat as you stay at Amaya Hills.

Le Garage Nightclub

Forget about tomorrow and live for the present, at the Le Garage Nightclub of Amaya Hills. Enjoy an evening to remember at this uniquely appealing club while techno beats reverberate through the quiet, starry night.

Palm reading

Let our expert palm reader make interesting predictions about your future by looking at the creases that adorn your palm. Be thrilled as he tells you about future romantic prospects, career success as well as major life changes.

Leisure activities

Get to know the captivating city of Kandy as you stay at Amaya Hills. Explore this stunning city with its plethora of attractions or stay at the hotel and indulge in the warm comfort of Sri Lankan hospitality.